Why Cricket isn't “Just a Game” in India and Pakistan?

In most places, Cricket is considered a fairly standard sport. However, in India and Pakistan, it’s much greater than that and in this article, we’ll be highlighting why. Why Cricket isn't “Just a Game” in India and Pakistan? large

Cricket is without a doubt one of the most, if not the most, popular sports in India and Pakistan and has been so for many different years. This iconic sport pretty much runs through the veins of every single Indian or Pakistani person who’s ever had even the slightest interest in sports and there’s actually a vast variety of reasons why this is the case.

First and foremost, perhaps one of the key reasons why both these countries love Cricket so much is the fact that it’s the sport that most people grow up with. Almost every single kid growing up in Pakistan or India has had their fair share of experience playing Cricket on the streets alongside their friends and these are memories that most Indians and Pakistanis cherish a great deal. The experience of hitting a six in a clutch moment or getting a catch when it’s needed to secure the game is a feeling that’s second to none and moments like these are why lots of people from these countries are so close to Cricket.

Alongside the childhood memories that Cricket brings out, there’s also the fact that Cricket is a common interest among pretty much every single person within these countries. Every single person, no matter what age group they belong to, usually ends up coming together whenever a Cricket tournament comes around and the sense of camaraderie that’s shared among everyone is something that’s truly special and has cement Cricket as the common interest that’s shared by almost every single Pakistani and Indian with even the tiniest bit of interest towards sports.

Another major reason that’s helped drive interest in Cricket in India and Pakistan is the intense rivalry that these two countries have constantly had in the sport. Matches between India and Pakistan are without a doubt among the most popular matches in Cricket because not only do Pakistanis and Indians tune in but, alongside this, multitudes of Cricket enthusiasts around the globe watched as well. Due to the long-standing Cricket rivalry between these two countries, their matches are almost always nothing short of spectacular and are thoroughly entertaining from the first over to the last one.

On top of everything else, yet another key reason for the popularity of Cricket in these countries is the fact that the local Cricket scene is thriving. There are tournaments like the Pakistan Super League and the Indian Premier League that have constantly helped drive interest towards Cricket and these tournaments can become incredibly intense with multitudes of people watching to see their favorite teams come out on top.

Overall, while Cricket may just be a standard sport for many people around the world, it’s an inherent part of the culture in India and Pakistan and will likely continue to remain as such. While on the subject, though, if you’re a fan of Cricket we highly recommend checking out games like Pro Cricket Champion and Street Cricket as they’re quite fun and will no doubt be enjoyed greatly by any Cricket enthusiast out there.

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